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Most people prefer the automatic transmissions, they are much easier considering you don't have to manually shift the gears but without the proper maintenance they could be more expensive to repair. There is no clutch pedal in automatic transmission cars/trucks and there is no clutch set, instead they have a torque converter.  

Auto transmission

Automatic Transmissions

Transmission Repair and Service

A transmission service is part of your regular maintenance and it can help you identify problems early on so you can avoid minor problems turning into a major repair, it is recommended every 24,000 miles or 2 years, whatever come first.  At Universal Transmission LLC our technicians will perform a thorough diagnostic evaluation with our specialized equipment to establish whether an adjustment or minor repair will fix the problem or internal repairs will be necessary.

For more in depth vehicle symptoms, please look to the left and click on our link to "The top 10 signs of Transmission Trouble”.

Everything from simple repairs and reseals to complete transmission overhauls & rebuilds!